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     Notice for EGM on 17July2014.pdf
     AGM 17Jul14 Poll Scrutinizers Report Polygenta.pdf
     EGM 17Jul14 Poll Scrutinizer Report Polygenta.pdf
     AGM 17Jul14 eVoting Scrutinizer Report Polygenta.pdf
     EGM 17Jul14 eVoting Scrutinizer Report Polygenta.pdf
     Notice Postal Ballot New 19 08 2014.pdf
     Scrutinizer Report E-Voting (PDF)
     Scrutinizer Report Physical Postal Ballot (PDF)
     Notice for AGM on 24Sept2015 (PDF)
     Notice for EGM on 24Sept2015 (PDF)
     AGM dt 24Sept15 Scrutinizer's Report (PDF)
     EGM dt 24Sep15 Scrutinizer's Report (PDF)
     Postal Ballot Notice Oct 2015 (PDF)
     Proposed MOA _AOA on passing Postal Ballot Resolutions on 1Dec15 (PDF)
     Scrutinizer Report Postal Ballot 1Dec2015 (PDF)
     Board Meeting on 11Feb16 for Results for QE 31Dec15 (PDF)
     Postal Ballot Notice 12-5-2016 with Form
     Board Meeting on 30 May 2016 for Results for QE 31 Mar 2016
     Scrutinizer Report Postal Ballot 21Jun2016
     CFO Relieving Announcement Jun 16
     Board Meeting on 12th August 2016 for Results for QE 30 June 2016
     CFO Appointment Announcement August 2016
     Notice for 34th AGM on 27th September 2016.
     Notice of AGM Dispatched on 30Aug16
     Proceedings of AGM 27Sep16
     Voting Results & Scrutinizer Report AGM 27Sep16
      Board Meeting on 10th November 2016 for Results for QE September 2016
      Resignation of CFO Chetan Gandhi Relieving Announcement 1Dec16
      Board Meeting on 14Feb17 for Results for QE 31Dec16
     CFO Rakesh Gaikwad Apptt & Director Fredrik Relieving anoncement 15Feb17...
      Polygenta Postal Ballot Notice with Form 27Feb17
      Notice of Postal Ballot dispatched on 1Mar17
      Voting Results and scrutinizer Report Postal Ballot 5Apr17
      Board Meeting on 26May17 for Results for QE 31Mar17
     Board Meeting on 01Sep17 for Results for QE 30Jun17
     Notice of AGM dispatched on 29Aug17
     Notice of 35th AGM on 22nd september 2017
     Proceedings of AGM 22 Sep17
     Voting Results & Scrutinizers Report AGM 22 Sep 17R
     Board Meeting on 10Nov17 for Results for QE 30Sep17
     Board Meeting on 12Feb18 for Results for QE 31Dec17
     Board Meeting on 28May18 for Reults for QE 31Mar18
     Board Meeting on 10Aug18 for Results for QE 30Jun18
     Notice of 36th AGM on 27th September 2018
     AGM Notice dispatched 29 Aug 2018
     Announcement under Regulation 30 of SEBI Listing Regulations
     Proceedings of AGM 27 Sep 18
     Voting Results and Scrutinizers Report AGM 27 Sep 18
     Board Meeting on 2Nov18 for Results for QE 30Sep18

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